Welcome to Filipinya

Welcome To Filipinya

Hello and welcome to Filipinya. My name is Sir Richard and I am happy to welcome you all to our website.

For the months to come, we will be joining Filipinya in her journey, together with her family, to face life's challenges in her pursuit of success, excellence, and acceptance while she promotes Filipino Pride, Patriotism, and Spirit.

Have fun with our activities and win big prizes from our weekly and monthly Pinoy-themed contests. You can also get your Filipinya t-shirts from locations near you. Finally, get the chance to meet internet sensations and movie personalities up close and personal.

So enjoy your stay with our family and be updated with our latest trends, news, and contests.

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  • Story 1: Filipinya birth through age 8 - September 2015
  • Story 2: Filipinya age 9 to 12 - Available in December 2015
  • Story 3: Filipinya's High School Years - Available in April 2016
  • Story 4: Filipinya's College Years - Available in August 2016