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Independent Stall Owner - Retail Filipinya merchandise in your selected and approved area.
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Stall Associate - Sell merchandise and enroll customers in Filipinya's Social Media Network.
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Independent Social Media Marketer
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  • Story 1: "Filipinya" is born to bless the Philippines and promote Filipino Pride, Patriotism and Spirit as she learns to overcome life's challenges and obstacles.
  • Story 2: "Filipinya Grows Up", Filipinya is so desperately trying to find her voice. She and her friends continue to learn valuable lessons and also about the culture and history of the Philippines.
  • Story 3: "The Travels of Filipinya", on summer break, Filipinya and her friends travel throughout the Philippines.
  • Story 4: "Filipinya Goes to College". She leaves home and experiences all the complications of those challenging years.
  • Story 5: "Filipinya and More". The Wedding, Honeymoon, and the kids start popping out. Oh the lovely challenges of parenthood!