Filipinya Story Summary

The Adventures of Filipinya "Ang Batang Filipinya"

In 2003, the "Philippines" was blessed with a baby girl named "Filipinya". Throughout her childhood adventures see how she develops Filipino pride, patriotism, and spirit while inspiring others.

Filipinya's adventures include her close friends and family while she pursues success and excellence while overcoming her own self doubt and insecurities. In the process, Filipinya becomes an inspiration to all the peoples of the Philippines.

In a remote fishing and farming village near the Enchanted River in Suragao del Sur, east coast of Mindanao, Philippines. Crops include Bee Farming for honey, Pinya, Saging, Niyog, Sampaguita and other Philippines local fruits, and of course fish and other marine products.


is mostly 7 to 12 years of age as Story 1 unfolds. Her father names her Filipinya due to her funny hair that resembles a Pinya. She loves to sing, but her voice is not a blessing. Filipinya develops into a compassionate and industrious girl.

Filipinya's friend, like an older brother, is 3 years older than Filipinya. People call him Coco because his head looks like a coconut. He sings well and intends to manage his own band. He teases Filipinya, but defends her from bullies.

Filipinya's best friend, the same age, is tall "like a tree", so they call her "Treet". Although the girls donít always make the best decisions, there is always a lesson to be learned.

Filipinya's younger brother by one year. He is short but tenacious, and dreams to play in the PBA someday.

Filipinya's Nanay and Tatay
teach Filipinya manners, values, and a strong work ethic.

Filipinya's Lolo and Lola
Patriotic, and Teach the family about the History of the Philippines. Lolo tells stories of his Lolo, who was a hero of the Resistance.

Filipinya's classmates and villagers.


Filipino Pride, Patriotism, and Spirit throughout the beautiful Islands of the Philippines;
A passion for education, entrepreneurship, and a strong work ethic;
A mantra of independence, determination, personal responsibility, and self-reliance;
Service to others and assistance for those unable to help themselves;
Action, productiveness, and creativity;
Home grown products made in the Philippines.


Filipinya's struggle with self-acceptance and life's obstacles.


After learning life's lessons from her family and experiences, Filipinya transitions into a young women when she finally finds her voice, and self-confidence.

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  • Story 1: "Filipinya" is born to bless the Philippines and promote Filipino Pride, Patriotism and Spirit as she learns to overcome life's challenges and obstacles.
  • Story 2: "Filipinya Grows Up", Filipinya is so desperately trying to find her voice. She and her friends continue to learn valuable lessons and also about the culture and history of the Philippines.
  • Story 3: "The Travels of Filipinya", on summer break, Filipinya and her friends travel throughout the Philippines.
  • Story 4: "Filipinya Goes to College". She leaves home and experiences all the complications of those challenging years.
  • Story 5: "Filipinya and More". The Wedding, Honeymoon, and the kids start popping out. Oh the lovely challenges of parenthood!